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Registry idea: Have you thought about the gift of a goat?

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My partner (now husband!) and I were driving back from a weekend in the Hamptons earlier this year and passed a large group of storage units in Long …

This Editor is Married! (How One of Our Own Walks Down the Aisle)

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It has been a month since I officially said, “I do” and I am still reeling from the post wedding hang-over.  Not from the drinks, although they were …

Details, Details, Details: Three Weeks to Go Before Our Wedding!

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Three weeks out from my wedding and planning has stepped into high gear! My partner and I spent all weekend going through all the final details. First up …

Sharp Dressed Grooms: Getting A Custom Suit

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I have always known that the suit I wear at my wedding would need to be made of fabric from Italy (it is my homeland and has the …

An Editor's Perspective: To Seat or Not to Seat?

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I absolutely love attending weddings. Why else would I be in this business? Some of my favorite wedding moments are seeing the bride for the first time in …

Skipping The Sit-Down Wedding Dinner Reception

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In my first blog post, I agreed to share everything about the planning, including any mental breakdowns my partner and I had during the process. Here’s a big …

From A Groom's Perspective: Location, Location, Location

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Before I get into today’s blog, let me just thank everyone for the all the well wishes regarding the recent Supreme Court ruling striking down DOMA. Rusty and …

Love For All: Supreme Court Strikes Down DOMA

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With only three month’s until my partner, Rusty, and I say I do, I cannot express the joy in my heart about today’s Supreme Court decision to strike down …