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Master the accordian napkin fold in 6 easy steps (perfect for a wedding, dinner party, etc.)

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The perfectly folded napkin is so often the cherry on the sundae of a dining table, and we always take special care to ensure that it is of …

DIY Project: Creating Paper Grasses

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We simply love paper. It works its way into many of our events in the form of everything from fanciful chandeliers (like the ones we created for a …

Thinking Embroidery

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Recently I have been looking at wonderful examples of super-deluxe, embroidered monograms on Pinterest for an upcoming wedding that we are working on. I think a lot about …

David Stark's "The Art of the Party"

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Last week we launched our new book THE ART OF THE PARTY at Bergdorf Goodman on their iconic 7th Floor. The cover of the book is taken from Frances …

A Book Party for David Stark & "The Art of The Party"

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We were thrilled to celebrate David Stark’s book launch Tuesday night. “The Art of The Party” is full of whimsical, artistic designs often created with paper, so paper became …

DIY Inspiration: Party Favors for David Stark's Book Party

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On Tuesday night, I hosted a party for Martha Stewart Weddings contributing editor David Stark celebrating the release of his new book “The Art of the Party.” (Stay tuned …

Behind the Scenes: Making a Tent a Hedge

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We are thrilled to share a very special celebration that we created last summer in Detroit filled with ultra-elegant yet TOTALLY out of the box ideas. It ran in …

Color Inspiration: Copper and Patina

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Gold and silver certainly find their way into wedding palettes pretty regularly. Copper is newly trendy in home fixtures, but when the talented stylist and artist Helen Quinn and …