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Honeymoon ideas: Montengro and Croatia

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Morgan and Andrew live in Chicago, got married in Maine, and for their honeymoon (just a few days after tying the knot), they chose Montenegro and Croatia. The newlyweds had help from Katie at Ever After Honeymoons, who put the trip together for them. Their initial request was to visit a country neither had been to before so they could share the new adventure and experiences together. They found that the trip they got was filled with options, great service, ease everywhere they went. Read on for the bride's account of the awesome trip, which took place last July.


Due to hotel availability, we flew to Montenegro first and stayed 3 days at The Aman Resort of Sveti Stefan. Neither of us has ever stayed in such a luxurious place, and we definitely felt like little kids who had snuck into a fancy "adult" world. The entire staff met us when we arrived, which was really surreal as we were a bit jet lagged. This location is really unlike any other, in that the island (which is connected to land by a footbridge) was originally a fishing village that has since been converted into a resort. The suites are the original fishing homes stacked together.

The resort has three private beaches, and we spent a lot of time lounging, swimming, and napping. We ate in the various restaurants in the resort and were happy as clams. We learned early on that Montenegro is proud of a drink they make that's similar to brandy, and it's customary to drink it after dinner or when you first meet someone. We explored the resort by night, and I don't know that I've giggled so much since I was little! We wanted to be able to have a relaxing "beachy" experience with options for more activity if we felt up to it. We were interested in experiencing another culture as well as the natural landscapes, flora, and fauna. We did take advantage of one excursion that the resort scheduled for us –we were taken on a private boat tour of Lake Skadar, which Montenegro shares with Albania. Our tour guide was our age, and we had a great time asking him a billion questions about his life and the country’s history.

Marco, our guide, started our ride with a "brandy" toast and we spent the ride enjoying wine his uncle made, local prosciutto, olives, cheese, honey and donuts his grandmother made! After our boat tour, we were taken to a local winery where we tasted more "brandy" in various flavors and several types of wine. Our guide from the resort acted as translator. The winery was a home that three generations lived in. The grandfather sat and mostly listened, the son/dad did most of the talking and the youngest son/grandson was in his teens and knew English but mostly listened. We bought a case of the wine...and attempted to ship it back home, but haven't seen it since. There was also the grandmother, who we didn't see until the end of our visit and she gave me a flower and the best hug, despite our language barrier.

We then picked up a rental car, and drove to Dubrovnik! Luckily, Drew remembered to update our GPS with the Europe maps –a HUGE lifesaver! The roads were really narrow and everyone likes to drive really fast there. Thankfully, my husband is a great driver who doesn't get rattled. Dubrovnik is an insanely special place and we stayed here for four days. The Old Town is small, so by the second day we felt like we sort of knew where we were going and could explore without a real plan. Our hotel was modern and chic, very different than Sveti Stefan. It had a private "beach" which was carved into the cliff the hotel is perched on. There's no wading into the water here, it just drops off! We spent much of our Dubrovnik days on the beach. We took a private kayak tour, and again, our guide was about our age, so hearing local history from his point of view was cool. We took a self-guided tour of Old Town (where you walk along the top of the wall that encloses the town and protects it in times of war), and strolling around at night was another favorite. Bands would play in the plazas and there was just so much life.

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We left Dubrovnik and drove to a ferry to the island of Hvar. My advice for anyone doing a similar trip would be to purchase your ferry tickets in advance! We did not, and the ferry we should have taken ended up being sold out, so we had to wait several hours for another that took us to the other side of the island than where we were staying, and then a long cab ride to get to our hotel. You'd think we had learned our lesson getting there, but we made the same mistake leaving Hvar. Now enough time has passed that we laugh about it, but those hours of travel were tough!

Our hotel there, the Adriana Hvar Spa Hotel, was also modern. My favorite part was that our window opened up right over the main town/bay. There was so much life there with everyone there on vacation. We took advantage of the hotels spa and had our first hot stone massages, which we highly recommend. We picked up some small pottery pieces and a small carved wood boat (which reminds us of the boats docked in the harbor here).

Then we went to Split, where we stayed at Le Meridien Lav. We were greeted with Champagne and chocolates, which really set the mood for our stay. We drank bubbly every day, which was fun. One of my favorite dishes of the trip was goat cheese ravioli here, which I still daydream about. We did take a day trip to Krka Park to see the waterfalls—the terrain in Croatia is just so different than in the States.

The thing I loved during our honeymoon, were the eyelash extensions I had. It sounds silly, but because we were on the go, or on a beach and swimming, I wore zero make up our entire honeymoon! But thanks to my lashes, I always looked like I had mascara on and didn't feel like I had to wear make up. I highly recommend them! I also really loved my Mara Hoffman bikinis and cover up and my Diane Von Furstenberg cover up. My husband wore his Panama hat almost every day!

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  • Thanks for sharing. What a wonderful story :) It's fantastic when people get out and explore. Beautiful way to bond too.

  • I oughtta leave the country more often :)

  • wonderfull location :-)

  • I think it's time to take a 2nd honeymoon! :)

  • Wonderful post, honeymoons are always unforgettable! Makes me feel like getting married one more time:)

  • Your trip sounds like so much fun! My fiance and I are spending our honeymoon in croatia! We were planning on driving from Dubrovnik to Split then catching a ferry to Hvar, where we are also staying at Adriana Hotel. How do you buy ferry tickets before? Do you recommend buying them before we go to croatia, or buying them while in croatia a few days before we need to catch the ferry?

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