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This groom snapped photos during the ceremony; see his POV

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When Corbin and Thatcher—a pair of photographers—tied the knot, it was fitting that one of them wore a camera. In this case it was Thatcher, who snapped the below pic of this bride during their ceremony, and 647 others throughout the celebration.


You see, Thatcher Cook is a documentary photographer who works for international humanitarian aid organizations and also brings his spontaneous reportage style to the occasional wedding with his now wife, Corbin, whom he met on a photography workshop. Here's what he had to say about wearing his trusty camera on the big day.

Photography is such a part of my identity, I can't imagine ever wanting to experience something as meaningful as getting married and not record it with my camera. So that it wouldn't interfere with the microphone during our ceremony, I negotiated with Curtis from Living Cinema to have my Leica slung from my shoulder and I was able to make images of Corbin coming through the hedge maze. I think having my camera with me calmed my nerves as well, but what was really spectacular, was that I was able to photograph my own wedding in the way I have always wanted to document other weddings. I used grainy black and white film to capture the personality of the guests and embraced the groom's point of view.

During our first look I photographed Corbin wiping a tear from her eye; that was surely a favorite moment and meaningful image. That day the light was spectacular. It was a silvery blue, very similar to our wedding colors. Everything felt magical, just like a fairy tale.

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