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Wedding Gift Inspiration: Our Present to Kate Bosworth & Michael Polish!

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MSW Kate + Michael wedding gift

Today marks Kate Bosworth and Michael Polish's 46th anniversary—in days, that is. What can we say? We're excited to start sharing more exclusive details of their wedding weekend (see it all in our Winter issue!), but first we thought we'd talk wedding gifts.

Deciding what to give Kate and Michael posed a bit of a challenge. After all, what do you get the couple who has seemingly everything (including each other)? We were stumped at first. Then we took our own shopping advice: Without a registry in sight, we kept it personal.

When Kate and Michael came to our offices to brainstorm and plan their wedding weekend, we learned that they share a deep passion for Montana—Michael's family has Treasure State roots dating back generations—and that they love to cook. (Kate has documented Michael's baking prowess for her Twitter followers.) Michael also mentioned that he liked to cook with cast iron—and that got us thinking about the amazing iron goods made by FeLion Studios in Madison, Wisconsin.

Artist Alisa Toninato, who founded the company, specializes in creating iron products that truly marry form and function. Her incredible "Made in America" State Shaped Cast Iron Skillets so impressed our founder that FeLion Studios was a 2012 Martha Stewart "American Made Awards" honoree. The video showing her process is both spectacular and inspiring!

And that was it, we decided: a Montana-shaped skillet was something both Kate and Michael could enjoy. Alisa was thrilled to hear that we wanted to send them one (you need to supply the names of the recipients as each skillet gets its own "birth certificate" of sorts with the owners' names inscribed). She fired up a one-of-a-kind wedding gift (literally—no two skillets are alike). Finally, we sent the pan to the newlyweds, along with three classic, must-have, signed-by-Martha cookbooks: Martha's American Food, Martha Stewart's Cooking School, and Martha Stewart's Baking Handbook. And because no one loves a theme more than we do, we made and included a "Happy Trails to You" card and packed it all in natural Aspen wood fibers.

Sending the present now gives us the opportunity, once again, to say congratulations to Kate and Michael. We trust the skillet and recipes will result in years of togetherness, deliciousness, and above all, happiness!

For more wedding gift ideas—to give or register for—from our editors, click here.

P.S.  Stay tuned for more details from the couple's day, and all the events surrounding it. And as promised, the entire wedding extravaganza will be featured in our Winter issue of Martha Stewart Weddings, out in December. In the meantime, enjoy our gallery of exclusive behind-the-scene peeks! 

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