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Our Gorgeous Engagement Ring Story, Inspired By Grandpa's Workshop

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We were excited to get an inside look at the legendary Oscar Heyman studio, but were so taken by the experience that we styled our fall rings feature after it. There is so much detail and craftsmanship, from the illustrations to the handcrafted final pieces, and it all takes place in an old grandpa's workshop kind of environment.  See the beautiful and witty illustrations created by their in-house illustrator (top) and the dozens of hand-drawn designs (bottom) that filled the studio walls.


Our story incorporates vintage jewelry tools, drafting paper and calligraphy done by our own Cassidy Iwersen. We hired an illustrator, Carol Hagan, to draw some of the rings featured. Here, one of the final shots from the story:


See more the beautiful photos from our Engagement Ring 101 feature, or download a digital copy of the fall issue (for just $.99) via iTunes.


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