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This Editor is Married! (How One of Our Own Walks Down the Aisle)

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It has been a month since I officially said, “I do” and I am still reeling from the post wedding hang-over.  Not from the drinks, although they were free flowing, but from the outburst of emotion from friends and family at the event.  As someone who really did not think legal marriage would come in my lifetime, I was ill prepared for the amazing show of affection that surrounds a wedding.  As an editor I thought there would be no surprises for me, but until I experienced it myself I could have never understood how powerful a wedding is. I think this is why so many brides and grooms say this was the best day of my life and when can I do this again!?!  (Of course with the same person.)

Now that that is off my chest, let’s jump into some of the details.

The Rings

Let me be honest about this. You know how when you are planning a wedding, there is always one detail that slips through the cracks?  For us, that was the rings.  We were a week out from the wedding and realized that our ringbearers would be carrying an empty box down the aisle.  My partner and I don’t wear a lot of jewelry so it just wasn’t something we had thought of.  We quickly made an appointment at Michael C. Fina and started the search. It was pretty much love at first sight when we came across the Swiss company, Furrer -Jacot. All of the rings are handmade and you can tell by appearances that they are top-quality. After we did some more research on the company, we also saw that their blog includes several articles about same-sex couples and recent legislation. Given they are highly customizable, there are lots of options for Brides/Brides, Grooms/Grooms, and Bride/Groom.

Now here was the fun part: Can we have a handmade ring in a week shipped from Switzerland?? Oh, and we would like some special engraving, please?  The folks at Furrer said no problem, the rings arrived the week of the wedding, and they look like a million dollars.

The Wine
Screen shot 2013-10-29 at 10.09.53 AM

One thing that we wanted to make sure was perfect for the event was the wine. Given my Italian roots, I am partial to wines made in Italy. Also one of Rusty and my favorite places on earth is the Cinque Terre, where we love an afternoon glass of pinot grigio with some cheese and nuts.  Since the aesthetic of the wedding was very modern and chic, we also wanted bottles that would look fabulous on the bar. Luckily, we found VOGA Italia, a great Italian wine that also looked beautiful when displayed. We are ordering extra cases for our home to drink as a memory of the event.

Our Planner
Martha Stewart Weddings' 12th Annual BRIDAL FASHION WEEK PARTY: Starry Night
Debi and I at our annual bridal market party
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Lastly, let me congratulate our planner for the wedding, who is also now a great friend. Debi Lily, owner and founder of A Perfect Event, was amazing in helping to keep the event under control and executed flawlessly. Apparently, I am not the only one singing her praises, as she was just named one of the World’s Best Wedding Planners by Departures. Congrats, Debi!!  Now can we talk about planning that one-year anniversary party?!?

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