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JEWELRY: Knots! Knots! Knots!

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Didn't you just love the little Erica Weiner "Infinity" rings ($40 for sterling silver, $55 for gold fill) that Megan gave to her girlfriends the weekend she wed David in Louisville, Kentucky? Knots really symbolize everlasting togetherness—guess that's why tying one is a euphemism for getting married!

Consider these knotty finds so fitting for your big day:


Clockwise, from top left: 

Brooks Brothers "Gold Knot" gold plated sterling silver cufflinks with swivel back ($95)
Tiffany & Co. "Twist Knot" sterling silver earrings ($150)
Garnish "Silver Knot" studs of sterling silver wire ($48/each or $96/pair)
Gabriela Artigas "Rose Knot" 14k rose gold plated cuff ($160)
Kate Spade "Sailor's Knot Hinge" 12k gold-plated bangle ($78)
Yayoi Forest "Knot" 14k gold ring ($320-$366, depending on size)
Uncommon Goods "Forget Me Not" sterling silver ring ($48)

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  • I love the Kate Spade Sailor's Knot Hinge. So simple and elegant. I either didn't know or had forgotten that knots symbolize everlasting togetherness. Love that!

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