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ASK THE EDITORS: How much is enough cake?

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Q: I don't think everyone likes to eat cake at a wedding. We don't want to waste money, so is it OK if don't have enough servings for all our guests?

A: If the cake is meant to be the main dessert for the evening, and you are serving a sit-down meal, we recommend that you have enough for all your guests. It wouldn't be polite for some attendees to be treated to your just-married confection, and others to be left wanting. And if you have a truly delicious cake, then more than likely, most everyone will want to have a piece!


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To save on the budget, consider a smaller—and therefore, less expensive—"presentation" cake for your cake cutting moment. Then you have "slicing tiers," which are basically sheet cakes in the same flavors as the presentation cake, that are held in the kitchen until serving time. In other words, it's a great way to have your fancy wedding cake and eat it, too.

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  • I agree that most people will want a piece of wedding cake. For some, it's the highlight of the whole affair! :)

  • I used to do wedding is really not cheaper to have cakes in the still needs to be baked..frosted and's feeling ....if you cannot afford cake for everyone then don't have cake...have relatives bake for you.

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