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Sharp Dressed Grooms: Getting A Custom Suit

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I have always known that the suit I wear at my wedding would need to be made of fabric from Italy (it is my homeland and has the best quality) and cut to fit (really the only way to make sure it fits perfectly all over). When shopping for these two things in a suit, prices can go up quickly. Fortunately, I was able to find a company that met my two criteria, doesn’t break the bank, and is headquartered in Dallas just a few blocks from where Rusty and I first met.

J. Hilburn, started off as a custom shirt company and has since expanded to a whole line of suits, pants, and accessories. For those readers who haven’t ever ordered a custom suit—and I hadn’t before this—let me lay out how it works.

First, you go online and find a style consultant in your area (they are in numerous cities). I was fortunate enough to get some special treatment from the creative director of J. Hilburn, Jon Patrick (JP), and he was incredibly helpful. You chose a place to meet your consultant and he brings various fabric swatches and examples of completed suits in lookbooks. Then he takes your measurements. He also asks lots of questions to make sure you are choosing the right fabric for the season and the event to which you plan to wear your suit. It was really so easy that I wondered why anyone would buy a suit off the rack anymore.

After your consultant sends your measurements and requirements to Italy, you receive a completed suit in a few weeks. Your consultant meets with you again to double-check the fit. Mine fit like a glove, and my partner’s suit just had to have a minor adjustment to one of the sleeves. One of his arms is a little longer than the other and, luckily, we were assured by JP that this is completely normal. My first thought was maybe we could parlay this short arm/long arm thing into some kind of Coney Island side-show act.

After a surprisingly easy process, we now have beautiful custom-made suits for our wedding day. As an aside and update from a previous post, I was really hoping that by now, my suit would be two sizes smaller. As any bride or groom can tell you, slimming down before the wedding is not an easy process. That said, I am kicking it up a notch and joining the cult of Flywheel. It never hurts a few weeks before the wedding to add a new program that can help shed those few (okay, like 15) pounds.

I will let you know, but fully expect that JP will have to re-cut my suit after the new workout.

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JP advising me on fabric choices for shirts

1 JP advising me on fabric choices for shirts

JP and our fashion editor Carrie Goldberg discussing shirt options

2 JP and our fashion editor Carrie Goldberg discussing shirt options

JP measuring me for my new suit!

3 JP measuring me for my new suit!


Color options for shirts

5 Color options for shirts

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  • I love your advice and your humor. I guess it's too much to ask to see the suits?

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