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Colored Invite Edges

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To jumpstart my morning inspiration, I like to conduct mini-sessions of what I refer to as “color therapy.” Truthfully, that’s just fancy terminology I use to cover up my Pinterest addiction. However, it allows me a chance to demystify the creative methods behind trends, such my latest favorite: colored stationery edges. For all you brides-to-be, here is a super easy way to spruce up your invitation suite!


Pink-edged invites from Hilary and Kyle’s super chic, super modern wedding.


Bella Figura is not only an amazing letterpress studio, but they also are the queens of painted and metallic invitation edging.


These funky ombre-edged invites were designed by Anisa Suthayalai and Alex Lin of Default.

My favorite part about this idea is that you can easily do it at home! Alyssa Hoffman, of Frou Studio, came out with a great tutorial earlier this summer. Follow these simple instructions and you’ll have a fabulous suite in no time.

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  • Love these great ideas to add a touch of color and pazazz to wedding invites. Love your color therapy (aka Pinterest addiction), too, Jesi! :)

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