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5 Tips to Care for Your Jewelry

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From the most careful to the most forgetful, it seems that everyone is prone to losing something they care about. A recent survey conducted by Jewelers Mutual Insurance Company found that over half of respondents had lost a piece of jewelry that was either emotionally or monetarily valuable.

A personal jewelry insurance policy, like Jewelers Mutual’s Perfect Circle® Jewelry Insurance, offers individuals broad coverage*, including repair or replacement of jewelry, in the event of a loss, theft, mysterious disappearance and/or damage.

To help protect your jewelry, here are some helpful tips from Jewelers Mutual:

1. If you plan on removing your rings at home to wash dishes or take a shower, keep a designated bowl or container to put them in. That way you’ll always know where to look.
2. Get into the habit of double-checking for all your jewelry when leaving a public bathroom. Wet, soapy hands can cause a ring to fall straight into the trash can, or down an open drain.
3. When you’re in a public, bustling place that seems unsafe or unfamiliar, turn your rings backward so the jewels face your palm, and tuck pendants into your shirt where no one can see them.
4. Keep a detailed list of all your jewelry in your home, separately from where your jewelry is stored. If possible, also keep photos. This will make filing a claim in the event of theft or loss much easier.
5. Give yourself peace of mind by insuring your pieces. If you think your jewelry is covered by an existing policy, read it thoroughly and evaluate whether or not you’re comfortable with that level of coverage.

For more ways to protect your jewelry from loss or information on jewelry insurance visit

*Coverage is subject to the provisions, limitations, exclusions, and endorsements in the policy and the level of coverage selected

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