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5 Things You Can Do with Gold Foil Tape

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I like to think of metallic tape as the wealthy older cousin of the Plain-Jane Scotch stuff. Sleek and shiny, foil tape is meant to be seen, making it perfect for crafting. And the best part? Even though it looks luxe, it still costs next to nothing. You can stock up at our go-to source, Tape Jungle. Here are some fun ways you can use it, from stationery to centerpieces.

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#1 Add a gilded touch to stationery. Get the details


#2 Create a slick escort card display. Get the details


#3 Personalize your party balloons. Pin it!

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#4 Add a touch of gold to bare branches Pin it & Get the how-to


#5 Glam up your manicure. Pin it! 

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