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4 Ways to Serve S'mores at Your Wedding

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Happy National S'mores Day! Feast your eyes on four wedding-worthy ways to eat this childhood favorite. Don't worry: Even with a grown-up look, these chocolate-marshmallow-graham-cracker combos still taste as amazing as their campfire predecessors.


  1. Cut into a Scrumptious S'more wedding cake by Wendy Kromer. This decadent wonder is made with graham cake, chocolate ganache, marshmallows, and buttercream.
  2. Shrink down the classic comfort food into bite-size treats balanced atop a big marshmallow a la Peter Callahan.
  3. Dunk your spoon into your own mini S'more Pudding Shot topped with fluffed marshmallow vodka.
  4. Follow Blake Lively's lead and adorn your dessert table with easy-to-grab S'mores Bars by Bakehouse Charleston.

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  • I want to try a piece of that cake! And those pudding shots look beyond yummy. Love these ideas!

  • My boyfriend loves s'mores! I'm going to propose to him soon and I think I may include a s'more or two! Although, I keep reading all these stories about folks getting engaged and I don't know what to do. I'm going to have to think it over!! Thanks for sharing!

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