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Real Weddings Follow-Up: Morgan and Andrew, Beauty and the Bachelorette

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Didn't Morgan and all her gals look just picture perfect on the big day? Well, here's the scoop. The bride did everyone's makeup! Read on for how that came to be (as told by Morgan herself), what went down during the bachelorette party, and the actual products used to glam everyone up on the big day.

I'm not a huge party/club gal, and our wedding was a destination for many of our guests, so my goal was to keep costs low for the bachelorette festivities and the tasteless elements out of the picture. In the same vein as the wedding, my girls just had to get their buns to my groom-t0-be's family lake house (on Damariscotta Lake) and then chill for the weekend. It was perfect. We did each other's hair and makeup (I did makeup, my sister did hair), lots of cooking and day-drinking, and lots and lots of laughing! Drew is normally our captain on the boat, but he gave his sister and me crash courses in boat driving before the weekend. We did attempt to take the boat out once, but it became clear pretty quickly that was not the best plan. After a very brief boat ride (getting all of us on the boat took about 45 minutes, the ride itself was less than 5) we decided we were much better off on land. No one was hurt or arrested, but that's all I'll say about that!

My sister decided to dedicate a shot to the weekend—it was a tequila shot followed by an orange slice that was dipped in cinnamon. I'm not a big fan of shots typically, but this was yummy and fun!

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I've been the makeup artist of the family since I was a toddler...and my younger sister was always my model. It started with me drawing on her with any marker I could find, then evolved into makeup for children, and then makeup handed down to us from our aunts. I no longer draw flowers on her cheeks, and we use our own makeup, but we always seem to have to sit on the floor!


I also did the girls' makeup for the wedding day. It was a great way to save money and spend some quality time with each of my bridesmaids.

We kept it clean and fresh with Make Up For Ever All Mat as a base, then liquid foundation, set with Microfinish Powder. I used a touch of bronzer and Nars blush, then a sweep of liquid eyeliner with a small wing (my signature!), a touch of light sunny gold eyeshadow and two coats of Fresh Supernova black mascara. Their doll faces were topped off with bright pink lips courtesy of Nars Roman Holiday. My makeup was the same as my bridesmaids, except I went for a more rich tone of pink for my lipstick— since I wear Roman Holiday almost daily, I chose a shade of Rouge Artist Natural by Make Up For Ever. I just wanted to feel fresh and summery. In preparation, I had an impromptu makeup tutorial at Sephora. The staff was so great and walked me through lots of product options and let me wear them and feel which ones I liked best. They really made the task of doing my own wedding makeup less daunting and very doable! Everyone was topped of in Urban Decay setting spray which really kept all makeup looking great throughout the night! My sister’s dress had pockets (awesome!) and she kept my lipstick in her pocket. Though I think I only reapplied once all day! All of our makeup lasted a lot longer than we did with no touch ups!

I had a manicure and pedicure done the day before the wedding, nothing too fancy. I went with dark purple fingernails and teal toes. I wanted to have some fun with my fingernails, and I encouraged my bridesmaids to also pick fun colors! The one real pampering I did before my wedding was getting eyelash extensions! They were so much fun and something I highly recommend! It was also an awesome thing to have through our honeymoon—waking up with no makeup or swimming at the beach, the eyelash extensions looked great all the time and keep your face looking fresh even without any makeup on! I also brought Fresh's Citron de Vigne rollerball eau de parfum, which I discovered around the time of the wedding. I wore it all summer and it was the easiest perfume to travel with on our honeymoon. I haven’t worn it since, but I look forward to bringing it on our anniversary trip this summer as a subtle reminder of our wedding summer!

See these girls and their looks in the gallery of Morgan and Andrew's wedding.


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  • Yes Morgan and Andrew do look fantastic! Very cute couple.

    As you certainly know your makeup, would you recommend that eyeliner you listed that you used on the girls? I'm used to using pencils but really fancy trying something new for a change.

  • Hi Aimee! Thanks!! I'm definitely a self diagnosed product junkie!

    I would definitely recommend the Nars stylo eyeliner. The shape of the pen (similar to a felt tip marker) makes drawing your eyeliner really easy, unlike the brush most liquid eyeliners have. I recommend starting at the outside of your eye (let the pointy tip of the liner work for you) then work in to the middle, then start at the inside of your eye and back to the middle. You can keep it thin or layer it to make the line thicker and more dramatic. Loreal makes a similar tipped eyeliner for a lower price, but the product doesn't last as long as the Nars.

    Good luck! I'd love to hear if you try it and liked it!

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