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From A Groom's Perspective: Location, Location, Location

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Before I get into today’s blog, let me just thank everyone for the all the well wishes regarding the recent Supreme Court ruling striking down DOMA. Rusty and I are hardly activists; we live in NYC and hadn’t attended a pride parade in 10 years. This year we did and you could feel the love and support in the air. It was truly a historic moment and we are so excited that in three short months we will reap the benefits from the decision. (Rusty works for an accounting firm and I can’t help but feel some of his excitement comes from knowing we have much less paperwork in front of us.)

Now, let's jump into the planning…

Depending on where you live, finding a space for your big day can be one of the most trying parts of the process. Living in New York City, the options are overwhelming, and finding something that is in your budget, and truly says something about you as couple can be like tying your own bow tie—it just never seems exactly perfect. (But maybe that is part of the charm?)

More than a few times during the scouting process, I was ready to hop the next plane to Vegas and hit the Elvis wedding chapel. Given that we made a commitment to get married in New York because of the change in law here, Nevada was not an option.

One place that we kept coming back to was The Green Building in Brooklyn. We loved the open space and charm of it and saw the potential to throw a very classy yet casual event. The issue was that so did many other couples. The place was booked for every Friday and Saturday that was an option for us. When we spoke to the owner of the building about have a mid-week wedding (given our out of town guest list, this would have been extremely difficult), he mentioned that they had bought the warehouse across the street and were refinishing it as an event space.

Here comes the big leap of faith: picking a spot based totally on artist’s renderings. The new space 501 Union looked like it was going to be exactly what we dreamed of when finished. Of course, on the first visit, it looked a little more like a gutted warehouse where squatters might throw a late-night cookout over fires from metal trashcans.

We have since visited three more times, and the transformation is (I am happy and relieved to say) amazing. I would never give a bride advice to book a place that was not yet finished but that is just what we did. The best part about making that decision is each time we visit, we are actually watching the place be built from the ground up.

On our last visit, the venue was almost exactly what we had seen in the renderings. I am sure you will agree from the photos that it ended up being an incredible space to host an event, and I'm glad we got it now because this place is going to book out months or even years in advance.

1 of 7
Rendering of plans for facade

1 Rendering of plans for facade

Rendering of main hall

2 Rendering of main hall

First site visit

3 First site visit


Second site visit

5 Second site visit

Third site visit

6 Third site visit

Third site visit

7 Third site visit

Now we have a space to throw a super posh party where we can still serve late-night food on silver trays cooked in a kitchen and not over a metal trashcan.

Next up: Our super cute caterer, Betty Brooklyn Catering Co. comes to the rescue!

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  • What a beautiful space!!

  • Anthony-
    First, congrats to you and Rusty! Anyone who has ever spent time with the two of you is wondering: "what took you so long?!"

    The venue looks amazing, and from someone who has had experience with a similar situation, it's extremely nerve-racking! Good thing you have vision and a great deal of faith (which sometimes is the only thing you have to cling to).

    But the transformation is going to be beautiful, and the two of you will have a spectacular party, filled with wonderful memories! Enjoy every second!

    All my best to you both, LNC

  • When things just fall into place like this, it's destiny! The space is so awesome and looks like a place you and Rusty would, and should, have your wedding! Boo to eating near (or being around) trash cans! Lol!

  • Dear Anthony,

    I love this blog posting. Your venue's looking nearly as fabulous and charming as you are. Thank you for sharing your leap of faith story and for going for it: with the new space and with Rusty. I look forward to seeing and reading more about your nuptials. Keep it coming.

    All my best,
    Joni xoxo

  • What a gorgeous space! I can't believe how quickly it has been transformed. Your leap of faith paid off. Congrats!

  • You guys made me very nervous!

  • Obsessed! So happy for you both! I fell in love with you both when I first met you two!!
    Soooooooo EXCITED!!!! I cannot wait to see what
    You all are wearing and the venue and just everything!!!!

    Much love and happiness to you both!!!!

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