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Skipping The Sit-Down Wedding Dinner Reception

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In my first blog post, I agreed to share everything about the planning, including any mental breakdowns my partner and I had during the process. Here's a big one: with fewer than four months until our big day, we still had not booked a caterer.

I pulled up my contacts and started frantically making a list. Then it hit me that our venue, 501 Union, had recommended a local caterer that they work with quite often. They told us that she went to culinary school and specializes in fresh, local, and in-season ingredients. Her name is Betty and her company Betty Brooklyn is close to the venue. And, by the way, they said, she does her own pickling which immediately had Rusty’s attention.

We scheduled a tasting and  fell in love with Betty and her food. Betty lived in Texas (where Rusty and I met) and we bonded over the fact that we both loved a local BBQ joint that served from a gas station. We both weren’t sure if really loved the food or just the memory of the food, which is often the case with my favorite dishes.

Betty is a food purist. (See some of her creations below.) She makes her own stocks; handpicks the vegetables from the farmers market and changes her menu options based on the season. As very picky New York eaters, our tasting rivaled some of the best meals we had in the city. Finding Betty helped us avert a major catering crisis!

One new wedding trend that we are following with Betty’s blessing is skipping the sit-down dinner and having all passed food. We decided not have the dinner to reception transition, as we wanted the dancing and fun to start as soon as possible.

Having a cocktail-style menu also helps with what can be the most stressful part of any wedding—seating assignments. I am happy to say I will not have to be dealing with those, but there are other challenges. We are already discussing ways to break up the night, as five hours on the dance floor without some breaks can get really long.

We are also supplementing some of the heavy hors d'oeuvres with a fantastic spread of specialty cheeses and charcuterie from our (and everyone else’s) favorite cheese shop in New York, Murray’s Cheese.

While not having a seated dinner is not the choice for everyone, we are sure that with Betty’s help our guests will love it. Next up: tips from Betty Brooklyn Catering on how to have a successful cocktail style reception!

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Betty loves pickling, and we love pickles
photo: Tory Williams Photography

2 Betty loves pickling, and we love pickles photo: Tory Williams Photography

photo: Sasithon Photography

3 photo: Sasithon Photography

photo: Sasithon Photography

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