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Guest Blogger: Simone's Lovely Proposal Story

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I’m thrilled to be sharing another tale with you this week of my soon-to-be-wedded adventures. Thank you all for your very kind comments last week, by the way.

So we’re at 9 weeks out now and all is in full bridal swing. I’ve embarked on a cleanse, have been testing every home facial remedy in the book, had late nights of DIY bridesmaid wrapping extravaganzas and many wedding shoe purchases…and returns. They're all stories I can’t wait to share in the coming weeks, but let’s hold up a little and start at the beginning with the tale of our unexpected meeting and Ross’ utterly magical, shockingly sweet proposal.

Ross and I met two years ago at a business meeting. He’s a producer and he was exploring the idea of a TV show about creative start-up businesses. My boutique gifting studio, then in the early and chaotic start-up stage, piqued his interest and we set up a meet-and-greet.

On that day, May 22, 2011, the last thing I had on my mind was love. But when I stepped into the waiting room and Ross came out of his office, I had a deep, visceral reaction. I literally let out a sigh, my shoulders relaxed and I heard a very clear and distinct voice in my head that said ‘Simone, you can relax now.’ How wild is that? I shirked it away at that moment and focused on the business at hand. But we were struck, and a few days later we were having coffee and our story had begun.

Simone and Ross

Fast forward almost two years and Ross and I are driving to an artist’s talk at a gallery owned by our dear friends Heather and Alex (whose wedding you can see here). This was to be a small, intimate talk to launch the opening of a new show at the gallery, nothing out of the ordinary. Yet Ross was very concerned about arriving on time and seemed oddly distracted. I was a little confused. Okay, annoyed.

When we walked into the gallery the lights were off and the entry way was lined with beautiful flowers and candles, but there was no one to be seen. You’d think that would be a giveaway, right? But not to me! I walked straight to the back of the gallery, confused, and suggested we go kill time somewhere with a cocktail since, clearly, we had arrived too early. Ross, now standing in the center of the gallery looked at me in awe and suggested, with a specific intensity, that I take a look at the photos that lined the gallery.


The gallery was lined with candles and flowers

I looked up, and with shock, was moved to tears and laughter (all of those emotions truly can happen at once). I saw the story of our life together. Starting with a print-out of our first email, the walls were covered in images of us. In the corner was a table set with stunning flowers, Champagne and an embossed photo album to hold the photos. It was so beautiful. I was overwhelmed with the most incredible excitement and kept telling myself to just be present, because: This. Was. Happening.

When Ross got down on his knee and asked me to marry him we were both shedding tears of joy. He was dumbfounded that he actually pulled the surprise off and I couldn’t believe how heartfelt and covert it all was. I truly felt like the luckiest gal in the entire world.


Our special table, surrounded by photographs of our life together

But, sweet readers, the night had just begun! As we let it all sink in, Ross suggested we head home for a special dinner. We gathered as many floral arrangements as we could hold, as well as the bottle of Champagne, and headed off. I couldn’t take my eyes off my ring! We called our parents and laughed all the way home. As we approached our house, Ross was still acting a little off. He’s just in shock, I thought. But as I opened the front door, I was greeted by a room filled with our family and friends yelling ‘Congratulations!’ Pink Champagne, delicious food, hugs and laughter was all around. Our engagement party was happening. Now!


Although we were ‘est.2011’, Ross pokes fun at me for occasionally forgetting when we actually met.

A night of genuine festivity ensued. Ross was high-fived so many times his hand started to hurt, and never have I cared so little that I had mascara running down my face from crying. I mean, enjoying the evening with so many people that mean so much to us was the perfect end to the most special night of our lives thus far.


My post engagement morning view

What is your favorite engagement story, sweet readers? I would so love to hear!

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  • What a sweet engagement story! It gives me chills and brings happy tears to my eyes. My favorite engagement stories are those that are sentimental and personal, that feel so thoughtful and detailed - just like yours, Simone! And your ring is just so completely gorgeous, just perfect. xx

  • Even though I know the story, I loved seeing how you wrote it up. Ross is definitely MY son as his father was romantic enough to say, "I thought we'd get married." Yes,that's all folks!

    Can't wait for all blogs to follow.

    Much love,

  • What an amazing proposal! Clearly Ross loves you very much!

  • What a precious memory for you both, Simone! It was such fun to read about your special engagement surprise & see the beautiful photos - thank you for sharing all with us! Keep the stories coming - we love them:)
    p.s. Wow! He did an amazing job planning that!

  • This story reads like a romantic fairytale! How fortunate for this to be a true story! A great beginning to a beautiful future! I appreciate your sharing this intimacy! I am eager for the updates!

  • That is just a great way to start my morning!
    Thank you for sharing this amazing experience with everybody (maybe giving some ideas for the ones who are still confused on how a proposal should be?)
    Your lives together will be an unexpected journey... that has just begun! Enjoy the ride, both of you! <3

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