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The Best Cookie in the World?

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Thanks to our new friends at Spin-Spun Confections (stay tuned for more on them!), we were recently introduced to a whole new level of cookie euphoria in Carol's Cookies. When I received my tin of treats with a note from the lovely Seth Bankier noting that these were some of the best cookies in the world...well, the rest is a blur. It would be embarrassing to note how much I actually consumed, but let's just say it could be measured in pounds.

The texture is fantastic—somehow simultaneously crumbly, moist, chewy, doughy, and buttery. Even the sugar cookie (which I might not normally gravitate to) knocked it out of the park.

I would happily forgo a wedding cake at my own affair in lieu of stacks and piles of these decadent treats! carols-cookies-cookie-stack

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  • I grew up on these and with "Aunt" Carol. Not only are they the best, Carol is too! One of the nicest people you will meet, success could not come to a better person!

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