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Guest Blogger: Meet Bride-to-Be Simone LeBlanc

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Hello readers! My name is Simone LeBlanc and I’m a bride-to-be. Correction: I’m a very delighted, overwhelmed, enthusiastic, and adrenaline-fueled bride-to-be.

I am also the owner and founder of a boutique gifting studio in Los Angeles where it is my job to create heartfelt and inspiring custom gifts for clients…with very discerning tastes. Oh, and did I mention that I’m getting married in 10 weeks?

Simone LeBlanc

That’s me, with our timid little rescue, Higgins.

When the love of my life, Ross, got down on one knee on February 23rd 2013 (and shed tears, too, BTW—but more on that next week), we thought we were golden with a 5-month lead. I mean, I often design meaningful events for clients and I know what we want as a couple, of course, so it should be simple, right? Ross is a producer, he calms chaos as his daily job. We’ve got this, right? Wrong. Absolutely, utterly, undeniably, wrong.

At 10 weeks in, with 10 left to go, I have committed the rookiest of invite-list mistakes, shed tears in the shower while calling upon the Goddess of The Perfect Wedding Venue, scouted (and denied) the seediest of accommodation spots and created the strangest playlist you ever did see. I have online shopped ‘til the crack of dawn, rekindled old friendships and truly realized how thankful I am that my husband-to-be has a skill set that I do not and that right now, right now, is the time to welcome it. I’m earning my PhD in ‘Learning to Delegate,’ the ‘Wisdom of Girlfriends’ and ‘You Can’t Do It All Yourself and It’s Better That Way.'

In short, I am now an honorary member of the Bride Club and am humbled by the journey that this has already proven to be. I’ll be reporting from my own front lines right here; sharing creative tricks for décor details, my gifting tips for the wedding party, and certainly many more ups and downs along the way. I hope you will share this 12 week adventure with me—this fabulously gratifying, utterly vulnerable, and undeniably exciting adventure—all the way to the aisle.

Ross & Simone

Ross & Me, on our Engagement Night. Feb 23rd, 2013.

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  • Exciting times, getting engaged and joining the Bride club, congrats Simone! I enjoyed your post :)

  • Congratulations! I can't wait to hear your bridal adventures! ;)

  • I am so excited for Simone and Ross! This wedding is going to be magic! Can't wait to read all about the journey xo

  • Simone! This is such a special time -- I hope you enjoy every minute of it! Congratulations on your engagement and upcoming wedding. Ross is so lucky to have found such a funny, charming, beautiful bride. I hope all future tears in the shower are tears of JOY! Lots of love, xoxo, Megan

  • This is going to be such a special wedding! I couldn't be happier for Simone and Ross and am so excited to read all about the details! xo

  • Great post! Congrats to you and Ross. I'm looking forward to following your journey to the aisle!

  • What a beautiful bride you make. This is such an exciting time in your life and I am looking forward to you sharing the journey with all of us. Can't wait for the next chapter.

  • I know this wedding will be magical. I can not wait to read about preparations, menus and location! Yay beautiful bride to be.

  • Can't wait to hear more of the adventure to come! I'm extremely grateful that you will be sharing this experience with us all. I know your insight with tips and tricks will be invaluable! Congratulations!!!

  • Congratulations!!!!!!! You sound like the perfect bride to be; charming, creative,inspired,enthusiastic and probably a bit particular ;) Love your style and your blog. Can't wait to see what the next 12 weeks will bring!

  • I just adore Simone! Mazel Tov to you and Ross. So excited to see what's to come for your wedding planning, I can only imagine what a beautiful and magical celebration it will be. xx

  • Congratulations! Your honesty is deeply refreshing and utterly charming. Can't wait to read more details of your pre-wedding day adventure!

  • Congratulations!! I will pass this along to my sister, who is also a bride-to-be. Good luck!!

  • Big congrats! Love your post. And LOVE your ring.

  • I look forward to following this magical adventure! The most beautiful bride-to-be ever!

  • Congratulations Simone and Ross! I know your wedding will be full of magic and beauty and elegance and fun!! Enjoy the ride and all that comes with it ~ I look forward to reading more great posts!

  • Love your blog, Simone! You are opening your heart to all of us & we will laugh & learn right along with you! Thank you for sharing with all of us & can't wait to see your next blog:)
    ps - love your red shoes & Higgins is adorable!

  • How refreshing ... planning a wedding in 5 months! Congrats Simone, that's a great first step, to the perfect wedding.

  • Congrats beautiful Simone! Can't wait to see what details go in to your best project yet. I loved reading your article, excited to read more.

  • Congratulations to you and Ross!!!Can't wait to read about your planning adventures :)

  • Congrats Simone! I'm also recently engaged and just getting started in the adventures in wedding planning. I will take any help I can get so I'll be sure to keep reading!

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  • Came on this blog a little later than most on here... did the big event go..
    hoping that married life is suiting you


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