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Gifts For Your Posse

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I just stumbled across a new handmade resource for cool bags that would make great gifts for the groomsmen of a wedding party, perhaps filled with meaningful mementos or simply on their own. Chad B Bags are hand-made in Williamsburg, Brooklyn by artist Chad Borgstadt and are available on Etsy. There are a whole bunch of denim and canvas color combos, some with mixes of recycled leather detailing, and they are both masculine and modern with a little quirk that I like a lot. I especially love the “lucky penny” pocket in the Morgan bag—a sweet touch. You can include a lucky penny for each of your buddies from the year of your wedding with a note attached!



The Morgan bag with a lucky penny pocket

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  • A lucky penny pocket, how cool is that?
    So this bag never gets stolen provided that this pocket is adequately filled, right? :)

  • I love his bags.. I have three so far. There are great.!

  • I have 3 Chad B bags & I love each one!!! Smart, sexy, stylish & perfect for travel, gym, or play. Coolest part is their customizable!! It's about time we fellas have a little fun too!! These bags are a great way to add convenience & a pop of style to our everyday wear. Way to go Chad B!!!

  • I gave two of Chad B's amazing bags to my brothers and I have one myself. LOVE THEM!!!! Can't wait to see what else Chad B comes out with!

  • Chad is an up and coming designer whose bags are tastefully artistic and useful.
    Everyone needs something cool to carry. Chad has created the perfect bag for men with style.

  • Absolutely love his bags! Durable, chic, and unique, and I can't wait to get more!

  • I love the red white and blue!!! So creative!!! I can't wait to see more of what Chad B Bags comes up with!

  • Great bags! These bags are very well made and stylish, I have two and just love them! I always get compliments from everyone....even strangers on the street. I love the penny pocket idea!

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