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Beauty Basics: What are BB, CC, and DD creams?

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We suspect that the most-asked questions about BB creams are, “What are they?” and “Do I need one?” And just to make things more confusing, there are now CC creams and launching in June, a DD cream. Clearly, the double-letter trend has caught on. But does a bride really need one of these tubes? Let’s go back to the drawing board.


BB Cream
What is is: The initials BB stand for beauty balm. The product concept was originally from Germany, where it was created for patients to cover-up after a medical procedure.
What it does: A multi-tasker, it serves as a light foundation, a moisturizer, SPF, and usually has some skincare ingredients that are anti-aging, anti-inflammatory, and soothing.
Who might want it: Busy brides looking for a one-stop beauty product. Unless you have pretty flawless skin though, it might not give you enough coverage on the big day.
Where to find it: Everyone from Garnier, Cover Girl, L'OrealMaybellineClarins, and The Body Shop has one. Check out your favorite brands and you’ll likely find one with a beauty balm.

CC Cream
What is is: Color control cream
What it does: In addition to the benefits of the BB cream, it usually has more pigmentation, additional active ingredients, and higher SPF.
Who might want it: Those who are looking for a little more coverage or additional benefits. Think a great all-in-one for honeymoons.
Where to find it: A little less common than the BB cream, they’re still widely available from major companies like Clinique, Chanel, Olay, and (launching just this month), Peter Thomas Roth.

DD Cream
What is is: Dynamic Do All
What it does: Protects skin, moisturizes, diminishes fine lines, and balances uneven tone.
Who might want it: It’s hard to say what makes the DD cream so different from the CC cream, but expect even more benefits—whether you'll really see a difference between C and D we'll leave up for debate.
Where to find it: So far, the only one available is from Julep, which launches their DD Crème in June.

(Photo from the L'Oreal BB campaign, via Sassi Sam)


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