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Ask the Editors: Can I ask my guests all to wear the same color to my wedding?

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Q: Can I ask my guests all to wear the same color to my wedding?

A: Having everyone participate so fully in the day would certainly be festive, but dictating your guests’ attire is stepping slightly into control-freak territory. The key lies in how you ask. Save-the-dates are the appropriate place to make this kind of suggestion; use a casual phrase like, “We’re hoping everyone will indulge us and dress in …” If you want to communicate your wish on the actual invitation, don’t use the classic format for attire info (e.g. “black tie”). Instead, put it on a separate slip of paper, dialing down the pressure and emphasizing the sense of personalization. You can also spread the word in person or via a friendly group email.

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  • Personally I think this is a fun and creative idea for the wedding guests. Think of how the pictures would turn out.
    As a wedding planner I typically will coordinate my attire with the couples colors. It makes it easy and fun for me in deciding what to wear that day

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