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Wedding Photos: Instant Pics

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As a photo producer, I'm always taking pictures. ALWAYS. So as you can imagine, I've become obsessed with using filters from cool apps like Instagram and Hipstamatic. Lately I’ve been digging the Polaroid effect, which gives my pics a white border and takes me right back to the '80s. It's a sweet look, but nothing can come close to the coolness of an actual Polaroid picture. Except—drumroll please—FujiFilm Instanx Mini Instant cameras. I know, I know, they've been around for a while, but I just recently got my hands on one and I am IN LOVE. These cameras have all the classic features of a Polaroid, but they're sleek, small (the photos are the size of credit cards!), and they come in different sizes too. There's the Mini 7S, the Instax Mini 8 (which come in 5 super-cute colors!), and the Instax 210 (which looks more like a regular camera). But for the record, my personal favorite is the Instax Mini 50 S in piano black! You cannot get any more compact and chic than this camera—and it's perfect for a wedding or party.

Recently, a good friend of mine got married and had a couple of these cameras at her photo booth. (Can you guess where I was the whole night?) I'm obsessed with this idea because it's really budget-friendly (all you need is a back drop, the camera, and a few props) and it's so much fun for guests. You can either let your friends take their snaps home, or ask them to help create your guest book by signing the pictures with a Sharpie and slipping them into an album. What do you think?

Instax Mini 50 S My personal favorite, the Instax Mini 50 S in piano black.

Instax Mini 8Instax Mini 8, in all five colors!

The Instax Mini 7S & 210

The Instax Mini 7S in white and the Instax 210

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  • Nice post. You left out film products by The Impossible Project. Sure they are expensive and difficult to work with but many people use them to create really interesting work.

  • the film itself for the instax mini is quite expensive (unless you buy in bulk of course) and if you don't set the lighting correctly it can come out quite bad - when i ask people to take pictures for me i have to teach them how to use it - quite troublesome
    would never really want people at my wedding playing around with film that costs at least $60 each

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