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Wedding Wellness: May Cause Miracles

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Wedding wellness is a new blog where we’ll explore the other side to wedding planning—health, nutrition, fitness, and how to stay calm and centered during what’s sure to be one of the busiest times of your life. Follow along!

New York Times best-selling author Gabrielle Bernstein turned her life around at age 25 and has been inspiring others to do the same ever since. She’s newly engaged, planning an October 2013 wedding, and in her new book, May Cause Miracles, she offers a step-by-step plan to help readers release negativity and achieve more happiness. We talked to her about maintaining joy while planning her big day.

Wedding planning isn’t always all bliss and ease. Why does negativity come into play during what’s supposed to be such a happy time? Weddings have three of the key life stressors all wrapped up together—family, romance, and money. Dealing with family members and working with a budget can bring up fear, discomfort, and interpersonal chaos.

So how do you deal with it?
--Laugh a lot. Your parents and in-laws are going to drive you nuts, but if you can laugh and remain grateful for all they’re doing, it will have a huge benefit.
--Create "me" time. Reserve time for random acts of self-care. Take a bath, get your nails done, or cook yourself a nice dinner.
--Practice the ‘f’ word. That’s forgiveness. If you’re fighting with your mom, wake up every morning for thirty days and say, “I’m willing to forgive my mom.” Saying it out loud will set it as an intention for the day.

You talk a lot about meditation. Can it be helpful for brides? When you’re engaged is one of the best times to start a meditation practice or expand your own. It will help you stay centered and committed to the feelings of love, which are what brought you here.

Any tips for wedding day stress? Begin your day with a sacred ritual—a twenty-minute walk by yourself, or write in your journal about why you’re grateful for your husband-to-be. Take some alone time to realize the incredible magnitude of what you’re about to do.

To try Gabrielle’s wedding meditation, click here.

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  • I <3 this! Gabby Bernstein is an amazing author, teacher, and inspiration! I am planning a September 2013 wedding as we speak, and have actually just started her newest book. So glad you guys interviewed her. She's so awesome!

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