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Tile, Tile Everywhere!

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Right now, I'm renovating an apartment and have had tile on the brain for months. To add fuel to that fire, I was in Buenos Aires over the holidays and saw the most beautiful floors everywhere I turned. While I know I was supposed to be taking pictures of the architecture, Eva Peron's home, and tango dancers on the streets, I found myself with my camera pointed down to my feet. Not only do I love the patterns, but I am really into the colors—all of those muted neutrals. You can see from the espadrilles that I arrived with (they found their way into some of the shots!), I had already been enjoying this color way.

I am definitely thinking about how to translate these colors and patterns into upcoming weddings. Any ideas?

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  • Amazing idea! I've been in Torino and Milan for the past week and the tile on the outsides of the buildings have the same types of treatments. The geometric and cube patterns would work beautifully as a graphic motif on paper goods, or using candy tiles to decorate a cake, or could easily incorporate a classic and modern take on the bride and groom's monogram! The floral tile patterns could be blown up for a beautiful and colorful geometric design à la Chuck Close. Such a beautiful inspiration for a wedding design theme! Love it!

  • What a beutiful floors..Thanks for sharing.!!

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