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Skipping the Registry

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I know that registries are set up for a really good reason: They help direct guests to gifts that are exactly what the marrying couple wants or needs. But you know what? I can’t get myself to order off of them. Somehow, it makes me feel like I’ve copped out, not in the money department, but in the creativity department. I simply feel that getting someone I care about, say, measuring spoons is just too impersonal. When I go renegade, gifting outside of the registry, I often look to the ever chic, French linen house of Yves Delorme for answers.

Yves Delorme makes some of the most yummy bedding in the world, and a set of sheets, a mohair throw, or any number of their gorgeous blankets become the kind of gift that is basic enough to fit beautifully into any setting and ultra-luxurious enough to qualify as extra special.

Gift something that brides and grooms will adore and remember you for. I don’t know about you, but I don’t think about my measuring spoons so much or even remember where I got them. (Wink!)

I think these are also pretty hot options:

Mohair throws

Assorted white coverlets

Nuit Jour bedding collection

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  • If a couple has spent time doing a registry of things they actually like, i think gifts ok the list will make them happier then gifts off the list

  • I like the idea of giving better quality items than the registry. I know that if I chose well, it will be a gift remembered for a lifetime. So if you ask for Walmart measuring spoons and cups and I purchase the fine quality seen in Paula Deen's house then I know it will be remembered. I think registries should express needs as well as style and color choices, but no one should feel like they may only shop at the registry. I also think that buyer's selections should reflect what is a logical option for the couple the gift is given to... For a young couple starting out who needs basics of everything giving them a high end measuring spoon and cup set would be pointless. But making a basket of baking tools of good quality would probably be greatly appreciated. On the other hand, an older bride who has the basics, but loves baking would probably love getting a beautiful set! I love your luxury blanket option as a example of going the extra mile.

  • I also agree that giving great quality bedding for a wedding gift is a good idea whether it's on the registry or not.

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