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Throwback Bridesmaid Accessory: The Tussy Mussy

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When we spotted this gorgeous bouquet holder that bride Coraline gave to her 'maids, we had to learn more about it. As it turns out, the tussy mussy—the proper name for the unique holder—has a super romantic history! During the 1700s, elegant suitors would visit their love interests and give them flowers in tussy mussies as gifts. Every flower used to have a special meaning, and women would often look up their flowers in a book called the "Tussy Dictionary" to decipher how their guys felt about them. We love the idea of giving tussy mussies to your bridesmaids: not only do they add a bit of glamour to bouquets, but they can also double as keepsakes that your bridesmaids are sure to love.

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  • Great historical piece on the tussy dictionery. It should be added that often the interpretations were misread.

    For example, buttercups could infer wealth or immaturity, whilst geraniums might indicate either true friendship or foolishness.

    And if hydrangeas were given, then that's going to leave a suitor with a whole lot of explaining to do...

    (...besides thanks for understanding, they might also infer a cruel streak and frigidity!)

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