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Location Scout: Aaron Delesie of Aaron Delesie Photographer, Inc.

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Photo by Aaron Delesie

Location Scout: Aaron Delesie, Owner of Aaron Delesie Photographer, Inc

Travel tidbit: I travel so much that I am not bothered by planes, trains, buses, tiny cars, or anything. I have done it all. The only exception would be when we flew into St. Bart’s last year.  The plane looked like it rolled out of the factory around 1960. They were taking bags off because of the weight and weren’t sure the tiny six-seater would be able to handle the winds. Anyone that has flown into the St. Bart’s airport knows it is a crazy drop over the mountains. You think you are going to miss the runway. I am not ashamed to admit I was white knuckling it a bit. I tried to play it cool, but I think I was white as a ghost when we landed. We all were!

Helpful hint: Always ask the locals what to do and what to see. My wife and I travel all over the world and we had so many great adventures that aren't listed in a guide book. We usually don't plan where we will eat, or what we will see and do unless we get a recommendation from at friend who is an experienced traveler. When we get to our location we chat with people in restaurants, in our hotel, on the street, wherever. Embrace the local culture with your wedding and try and incorporate as much of it as you can. There is a reason you went overseas to begin with. You have to go with the flow with a lot of foreign destinations as they tend to do things a bit differently then we do in the U.S. and that is all part of the charm.

Favorite wedding destination: There are so many it's hard to choose. I loved shooting in Vietnam but I think Somerset, England, is my absolute favorite. It is just magical. The light is unbelievable and everywhere you look there is an amazing photo! It is perfection!

You can see Heather and Neal's wedding, which Aaron photographed in Somerset. And check out two more of Aaron's weddings in our destination issue: Maggie and Jason (in Maine) and Damita and Dylan (in St. Bart's).

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