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Clean In A Pinch

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If you haven't heard, Hurricane Sandy wreaked havoc in our neck of the woods. (If you want to help, review this list of voluntary organizations by state to find a way to get involved near you.) We've preached the power of pre-moistened face wipes before, but when I was without power and water this past week, they freshened me up, body and soul, in mere seconds. Our editor in chief actually turned me on to the brand I'm currently using: Blum Naturals in organic chamomile. They smell incredible, are super gentle on my sensitive skin, and leave my dry complexion totally hydrated. I'm a bit obsessed with their natural scent of chamomile and vanilla extract, lavender, and patchouli oil.

Keep a pack in your gym bag to clean up quick or by your bedside to take off your makeup before hitting the hay.

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