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Bridal Market Party: Tulle Waves

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The white theme was one I was excited about working on from the very beginning.  I also knew right away I wanted to work with tulle- it was such fun to play with while developing the poufs for Good Things in our fall issue.  I love how a little bit goes a long way and hanging 5-foot waves of it is nearly as light as air! I first turned to our friends at Tulle Source for the materials and they sent me the most fun package containing roll upon roll of differing widths of shades of white (pure white, ivory shimmer, pink, gray, etc.).

Wade Kavanaugh and Esperanza Mayore brought the installation to life. (You will remember Wade from mylar chandelier 1 and 2, plexi installations 1 and 2, and past art shows. He's a genius and so is Espi!) We couldn't stand how beautiful the evening light was hitting the waves, and of course, the brilliant Ira Levy was able to recreate that look throughout the night with his gorgeous lighting.

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Photos Anna Ross and CAVA Wedding for Elan Artists.

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