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Bridal Market Party: Perfect Lighting

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Thanks to those geniuses at Levy Lighting, the lighting at our big bridal market event was spectacular.  They truly do an amazing job, which is a reminder that good lighting goes a long way and it is always beneficial to work with someone who has experience.

Few companies have inconspicuous white fixtures (most have black only) and this can make a huge difference! For our long hallway, Levy proposed such a great idea: tubes of fluorescent light that wowed everyone who passed through. They brought our tulle installation to life as well. While installing it over the weekend, evening light set the waves aglow in such a spectacular way that I had to snap photos. I sent these as inspiration to Levy and they were magically able to bring that effect into our space after dark. A true talent!

1 of 10



Moving projections of white light behind Scratch DJ

3 Moving projections of white light behind Scratch DJ








Photos by CAVA Wedding for Elan Artists.

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  • I am blown away by the banner in photo number 8! Love it!

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