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Win it! Crafty Cake Toppers and Cupcake Wrappers

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Cake and cupcakes are a welcome addition to any dessert table, but if you want to make yours extra special, we always suggest adding a few DIY details. To get you started, we're giving away some of our favorite crafty confection adornments. Up for grabs: A combo pack of Martha Stewart Crafts Doily Lace Cafe Cake Toppers (above left), plus a set of matching  Doily Lace Die Cut Cupcake Wrappers (above right).

To win, all you have to do is leave a comment on this post before Friday telling us what's going to be on your dessert table. Nine winners will be chosen at random from the comments and announced next Monday, October 8. See the official rules. Good luck!

Want a bit of recipe inspiration for your sweets station? Take a look through these DIY wedding cakes, wedding cupcakes, and wedding cookies.

Comments (88)

  • On our dessert table we are having many cakes of different flavors and toppings! It will be a unique and fun set up instead of one wedding cake.

  • We're going to have a small cutting cake, and then miniatures of all our fave desserts - key lime pie, banana cream pie, chocolate cakes, cookies, and maybe s'mores!

  • Lot and lots of cupcakes, candy, and cake pops.

  • On my table I will have pink roses with assorted candies all along the table. The cake toppers will be a great addition to the many sugary treats!

  • Pumpkin cupcakes with cream cheese frosting!

  • I'd like to make these a feature of our annual Christmas party along with ideas and American recipe suggestions. It's become an annual event for all our friends in the village & I love everything from making the invitations to baking up a storm.

  • Thanksgiving dessert table including mini pumpkin pies, pumpkin pie coffeecake, apple and pecan pies and salted caramel cheesecake cups

  • A whole ton of stuff, various confections both salty and sweet in apothecary jars, likely cupcakes and cake. And probably a pumpkin pie or two!

  • petit fours, cupcakes and a cake with Chocolate Ganache

  • Our fall wedding will have homemade pumpkin and apple pies as well as Gluten Free wedding cake for my fiancee and I to enjoy :)

  • We are having cupcakes in 3 different favors, one 6" cake for us with little cake toppers of our college mascot, and a football inspired grooms cake. Very excited! Using vintage mismatched cake stands!

  • For our dessert table, we will have all things lemon-lemon cheese cake, cupcakes, tarts, macaroons, lemon drops and of course some chocolate versions.

  • We're having a black and white lace themed wedding-complete with a white lace cake. My fiancee's mom, her sisters, and close friends will also be baking a variety of cookies for guests to enjoy - desert straight from the heart!

  • My theme for dessert this fall will be around the so many varieties of squash/pumpkin. I will be making a new recipe this year - pumpkin bourbon bread pudding, and then carrot cake and my very own pumpkin bread. I may make an apple-pear pie, but it depends how the apples are this year.

  • Homemade truffles and mini sticky buns are the perfect example of comfort food

  • This would be perfect at my bridal shower! We're having cheesecake and this would dress it up so well!

  • We're serving the traditional dessert table, pies, squares, cheesecakes, and a few cake pops and cupcakes! Our red velvet, zombie themed wedding cake will be served with our late lunch!

  • Our Fall Wedding will have lollipop pies, small dipped apples, mini cupcakes with DIY toppings and a mini Smores Bar....MMMMmmmm A DIY dessert table

  • 4 flavors of cupcakes resprenting our cats who can't attend the cermony. Oreo, Butterscotch, Creamcycle and Snickerdoodle.

  • We are serving 4 cupcakes representing our 4 cats who can't attend the cermony. Butterscotch, Oreo, Creamcycle and Snickerdoole flavored cupcakes.

  • We'll be having different flavored cupcakes as well as a sweet treats table with different candies and treats.

  • Chocolate-themed everything! Fondue fountain, cakes, and pies!

  • Along with our wedding cake, we will be serving homemade French macaroons arranged in a tower. They will be pink to match our color scheme. We will also have chocolate covered strawberries with fuchsia chocolate drizzle.

  • Love the doily look. Def having a tradional 3 or 5 tier cake - but with several flavors. Still searching for other ideas...yummy.

  • We are having 2 cupcake filled chandeliers and home made scones as our wedding favours are home made jams :)

  • Love these and all you post!

  • We are having a small cutting cake that will be made by my junior bridesmaid (I taught her how to bake and decorate cakes). Our sweets for the night will be Blue Bell Ice Cream cones in our favorite flavors.

  • Cake, lots of cake!

  • We're having a desserts table with my aunts and grandmothers making their specialty treats. My great to make will be the Martha Stewart alphabet cupcakes with the cookies having an m or an r cut in it. I can't wait, they will look fantastic!

  • Cupcakes!

  • Cake filled with peaches and strawberries with whipped cream,chocolate covered strawberries and of course, Italian cookies made by my Italian cousins!!

  • Tres Leches Mini Cakes all around!

  • If these were mine I would def use them for my lovely cousins baby shower!

  • wohooo! chocolate - mint cupcakes, raspberry coconut cupcakes, brownies with pecanuts ana big apple pie (one of my favorites...) AND some cinnamon cake pops for autumn atmosphere :)

  • I hadn't considered the sweets yet for the reception, but these posts gave me some ideas! My head is swarming with ideas required to blend an Apache (my culture) Swiss (my groom's culture) and something French (wedding is in France!) Maybe crockenbush (sp) frybread with honey and powdered sugar and macarons!

  • We're serving family secrets! All my mom's and grandma's faves!

  • Red velvet cake!

  • I'm going to do an ice cream bar to compliment the cake and cupcakes. Who doesn't love a double-treat?!?

  • At our wedding next fall we will be having a small, simple, all white cake from my hometown bakery for us to cut and save for our 1st anniversary. We will also serve as part of our dessert spread the amazing pumpking/jack o' lantern cookies and german chocolate cupcakes from the same bakery, as well as homemade pumpkin pies and fruit cobblers. It's going to be a fall sweet fest!

  • We are going to have a 4 tiered wedding cake with each tier a different cake flavor and filling. We will also have a groom's cake decorated with Pistol Pete, the OSU mascot. We are also serving chocolate covered strawberries! Hope I win!

  • We're having a buttercream spice cake, sugar cookies with our monogram, red candies in honor of our alma mater and red velvet cupcakes!

  • We absolutely want some creme brulee and I'll need brownies!!!

  • I am moonface wedding planner plus my table is empty at present because i am looking for a bride and groom to be, who would make me their wedding planner and therefore i would like to inspire any couple by having your crafty cake toppers and cupcake wrappers on their table filled with all sorts chocolate,strawberries,vanella fudge,nuts, or what ever is their favourite and because your products also inspires me.Thanks

  • I have a a wedding and a bridal shoer coming up. These would look awesome.

  • Oh my goodness these are amazing! I would love to win them!

  • my partner and i are so excited to serve red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese frosting in lieu of a wedding cake -- we're even baking them (all 150) ourselves! those lace cupcake liners would be an extra-special touch.

  • A chocolate fountain, cotton candy, and -- of course -- cake!

  • These will be a great addition to a desert table for a baby shower I'm creating. We will have cup cakes, cookies, lemon bars, and a frew more yummy delightes. Perfect finishing touch.

  • Pumpkin Spice Cupcakes!

  • pumpkin cheesecakes!

  • at my daughter's wedding in the spring we are having cupcakes, cake pops, mini pies and a candy buffet! something for everyone!

  • Mine's going to be a stunning black forest cake with some pumpkin pie bars scattered around!

  • I would love to win!!!

  • I would love these. We are having a vow renewal for our 30th anniversary and we are having Cupcakes. We are having a Cupcake stand like Martha Stewart has in some of her wedding pictures. We are so excited and these would make our Celebration so much more Special. Thanks for the opportunity. Actually Thanks Martha for everything you do.

  • Cousin Tommy has made a seven tiered cupcake stand, we've painted it shiny black, edges are done in different black & white ribbon, a magnet for each tier with white pencil writing for each flavor. 2 dozen cupcakes for each of the six flavors and two cakes in one flavor (one cake for top and one cake for cutting)

  • I will be serving a 3 tier Italian cream cake and a huge assortment of delightfully decorated cupcakes for all to have!!

  • Hi! I am planing my own DIY wedding in next April. So excited!
    And of course my wedding dessert table will be cupcakes (I just learned how to make cupcakes on my own.), chocolate chips cookies, traditional strawberry shortcake and key lime pie. This is a great giving away. Hope i will get good luck!

  • Homemade cookies at a cookie buffet inspired by a martha stewart pin I saw some weeks ago. All the baking that will go into will be therapeutic in the week leading up to the big day!

  • My husband and I eloped and we had our own DIY reception soon after. It was in our backyard, and I went with a garden theme with moss and lantern's on each table and tiny adorable garden gnomes and mushrooms. I made chocolate frosted cupcakes with Martha's pearl sprinkles on top. They were beautiful and fit perfectly with our garden theme.

  • Planning cupcakes with blue piped frosting & Italian cookies to match. Contemplating a few other sweets & love the stacked silver platters in the picture! I only have white & glass! Hmmmm! Might have to search for silver!

  • Everything at our wedding will be "beach" themed. We are doing everything ourselves. The wedding invitations were actually made from Martha Stewart eyelet invitations with a soft turquoise print. I also used Martha Stewart Blue dimensional wedding cake stickers on place cards. The blue color complemented the beach theme. My sweet table will be made up of cupcakes, a variety of Swedish deserts, chocolate seashells, starfish and sand dollars and a simple wedding cake with chocolate seashells added for decoration. I love the lace doilies for the cupcakes, they remind me of the invitations. We like simple and hand made thing's. We will be married on the beach as well and our flower girl will be throwing shells in the sand in lieu of flowers. Looking forward to our amazing day.

  • Red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting, plus a chocolate fountain with shortbread cookies, strawberries, pretzels, and candy canes to dip (Christmas wedding).

  • My daughter plans on a cake and cupcakes at her wedding!

  • This is beautiful:) I would use it with my special desserts! I love planning and having parties, this would make it complete:)

  • Vamos ter brigadeiro e casadinhos

  • For my Thanksgiving table I will servings of "Arroz con Leche served in chocolate cups", "Lucuma Cheesecake", "Chirimoya cupcakes"
    and str
    awberries cover with white chocolate.

  • For my wedding, for dessert I will serve ice cream burgers and churro fries. The bun are made out of meringure with chocolate ice cream patties, mint as lettuce and strawberries as tomatoes ^^ It's a extremely easy and cute dessert to make.

  • As a former party and event planner, I always have to have a great table scape! These are great for more than cupcakes! I have used these to cover glass custard cups filled with mousse topped with whipped cream. I also make mini key lime tarts in custard cups and use these. I have had three holiday dinners in Sept and am planning a surprise for my daughter's birthday and will decorate in lace and pearls. Using these for desserts and decorating is fun!

  • Classic chocolate and vanilla cupcakes!

  • Chocolate Timbale

  • I had cupcakes as a wedding cake and everyone was surprised with our choice:a vanilla cupcake filled with raspberry compote and topped with white chocolate frosting. This packaging would have been fabulous!

  • We are serving a dessert table. Mini lemon cheese cakes, profiterols, macaroons, & is love to put chocolate & peanut brownish cupcakes in your beautiful uptake cups....

  • We are going to have 4 different flavored cupcakes (pumpkin, Italian cream cheese, Devil's chocolate, & yellow...a little bit of everything). And then we will have a chocolate cream cheese "topper cake".

  • I'm helping my neice plan her wedding. She wants a "Candy and Cupcake Bar". Such a wonderful idea!!


  • Our dessert table will be filled with love, cup cakes, cup cakes and more cup cakes, in pretty spring colors to surround our tiered cup cakes and an assortment of miniature desserts. They always make everyone happy..

  • Hi! We'll be doing almost a pot-luck dessert table. Several of our family and friends will be bringing our wedding cake, mexican wedding cookies, lemon bars, brownies and cupcakes. We are so excited to have a personalized dessert table. Plus, we can use several different pretty cake stands and dessert trays :)

  • love this for the holidays

  • Awesomeness! I love making a particular cake that my dad taught me how to bake & I learned how to make the recipe into a very yummy cupcake that is to die for! Those cupcakes will look too pretty to eat, but of course they are too good not to eat :)

  • Hello! My fiance, Kieran, and I will be serving individual fruit trifles or strawberry short cake! Yum!

  • We are serving peanut butter cup s'mores, mini rice crispy cakes, an assortment of dark chocolate and cookies that are homemade. I can't wait.

  • We will be displaying a small cutting/anniversary cake as well as a grand display of cupcakes wrapped in lace or doilies and topped with pearl adornments. The flavors will be some of our favorites: chocolate with raspberry, vanilla with strawberry, and lemon with blueberry. We will also serve various cookies and other single-serving desserts. Everything will be homemade with lots of love! :)

  • We are having a tiered cake with velvety white and chocolate layers covered with vanilla buttercream in a rosette design.

  • At my ceremony I am going to serve a cake (not sure what flavor yet). Also, every guest is getting a shot glass filled with cake and chocolate fondue. For me, the chocolate was a must!
    If I win, I will use the cupcake wrappers for one of my bridal showers. They are so sweet- I love the lace design. I think I would ask my grandma to make cupcakes with me :)

  • Vanilla cake with fresh strawberries and whipped cream...and Mexican wedding cookies! :D

  • For each table my fiances grandmother is making pizzelles and my mother is using my grandmothers recipe for homemade chocolate truffles. We are also having the traditional wedding cake along with banana foster. Did I mention that I have a sweet tooth!

  • On our dessert table we are having our three tier wedding cake along with a selection of Italian biscuits, profiteroles, cupcakes, mini cheesecakes and tarts. We are using doilies under the vintage cake stands, these cupcake wrappers would go perfect!

  • really lovely!!

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