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What's Up With Happy Couples in Animal Heads?

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Three does not make a trend, however I had to share this trio of engagement photos that all have one curious thing in common: animal heads. The giant furry duos -- cat with goat, fox with sheep -- sure do make a statement, don't they? They remind me of the creepy bunny from The Shining so I'm hesitant to embrace this one, but I'm dying to know what you make of them. Tell us in the comments!

Elodie & Alexis: Normandy, France  (Photo by Ashton Jean-Pierre via Rock n' Roll Bride)

Louise & Ryan: Brisbane, Australia (Photo by Etta Photography via Polka Dot Bride)

Jenna & Tim: Melbourne, Australia (Photo via Wedding Snapper)

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  • This is my dream world. Everyone is dressed up.
    But seriously it does add interest to an image that wouldn't mean anything to strangers to these couples. Is this also a search for individuality in a world of clones. What can we call this as a movement?

  • Dumb hipsters.

  • Well, I guess it eliminates any worries of a bad hair day, or make-up day. And when they look back on them...30 years from now, they'll only remember how cute and fluffy they were. I suppose that makes for a good memory. They should have thought of carrying a vintage suitcase though...just for kicks.

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