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Finding The Veil

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Here's another post from our guest blogger and bride-to-be Katie Evans.

I’ve always known that I wanted to wear a veil. Wearing one will really make me feel like a bride instead of a girl in a white dress if I didn’t wear one. Since my dress has a lot of detailing at the top, I’ve decided to go down the short and simple path. I stumbled upon Sara Gabriel’s site and she had an amazing range of short and simple veils that I was looking for. I’ve ordered a couple to try on with my dress, but I think I already know which one I want.

Are you wearing a veil?

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  • I'm torn on wearing a veil! We aren't having a wedding, and I'm not wearing white--we're just going to the courthouse and then out to dinner with our parents and my brother. I love the romance of a birdcage veil, but I'm worried I'll look like an idiot!

  • I wear a long tulle veil and it was a great choice!! It had lace in the edges because my dress was quite simple.

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