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How A Fashion Designer Chose Her Wedding Gown

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In our fall issue, Whitney and Parker's Louisiana fete is showcased, complete with fun touches that echoed their personalities, style, and the location. Our bride is back to dish on how she—a fashion designer—picked out what she'd wear.

I think it is fair to say that the dress is a pretty big decision for most brides. Being a designer, I struggled with this a lot. I decided that I didn't want to design my dress pretty early on. I had heard that it was bad luck, but mainly, I was looking forward to shopping for once. I usually wear a lot of my own designs and the experience of trying on all of these other amazing designers was really exciting. We do not live a very traditional lifestyle and I had fantasized about having this incredible alternative wedding and dress. My two rules were no strapless and no long.

As the process went along I realized how unflattering my favorite "kooky" dresses were and was liking how soft and timeless the bridal ones were. We were getting married in New Orleans and there is a deep and beautiful history there, so it almost seemed forced to be so avant-garde just for the sake of it. Against my instincts, I started to fell in love with the idea of a more traditional wedding. A friend told me, "you have your whole life to be alternative, this might be your last day to be traditional". He was right.

I wore a beautiful dress that was both long AND strapless, but I loved it. Yes, it was pale pink, so not completely classic, but every other element was very bridal and I was oddly really comfortable with that. If you’re going to be a bride, be ok with being a bride. We still had our playful little elements and the wedding felt like us, but I am so happy that we leaned into the tradition of it all. It made it feel sacred and precious. Just in case I was going to feel guilty about succumbing to the bride bug, at the end of the night, I switched into a dress that I did design that was both short and had sleeves. It was the perfect getaway dress and perfectly me.

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