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Style Conundrum: Florida = Frizzy Hair

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Here's another post from our guest blogger and bride-to-be Katie Evans.

I have long, thick brown hair that is straight no matter what I do. I remember I had my hair curled and styled for my junior prom, and by picture time my curls were all falling out. I was so disappointed that I said I'd never waste time doing that again. For my upcoming wedding in Florida, I found my hairstylist through a friend of a friend. I went to her salon with some veil options and a bunch of inspiration pictures (see below). I told her about our wedding and showed her pictures of the dress so she could understand the look and feel I was going for. We tried four different looks based on what I brought in and decided to go with an updo. I don’t want to have to worry about what it looks like or if it’s falling in a pretty way (especially if my hair is going to be frizzy because of the Florida weather). If it’s up, I know it will stay the same way all night and it’s one less thing to think (and worry) about.

Top right: DIY side chignon from Martha Stewart Weddings.
Bottom left: Photo by Jonas Peterson

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  • Love the hairstyle on the bottom right because it looks loose without looking like its coming undone.

  • Yes, an updo is very comfortable for a bride and classy as well. Thanks for sharing these bridal hairstyles.

  • well yeah sometimes you look good with frizz but I normally get very frizzy so that's why I use argan oil to take good care of my hair and it helps to reduce the frizz, I use pro naturals moroccan argan oil which is a good brand, it leaves my hair soft, shiny , frizz less and healthy. :) Luv it

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