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Craft of the Week: Flowery Swizzle Sticks

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Add some instant panache to your wedding signature cocktails by garnishing them with vibrant, cheery swizzle sticks. These ones, topped with crepe paper flowers (spider chrysanthemums and sleek calla lilies to be exact), are a cinch to craft.

To make the calla lily swizzle stick, cut a 5-inch petal freehand (or download the template here) from a single layer of two-toned green crepe paper. Affix 5 pearl stamens (found at crafts stores) to the end of stirrer with floral tape. Place stamen end of stirrer in center of crepe paper petal; wrap petal around stirrer to form blossom; bind with floral tape.

For the chrysanthemum swizzle stick, cut a 2-inch-wide strip from prefolded crepe paper (do not unfold). Fringe with scissors (or download the template here). Unfold paper, and wind strip around end of stirrer; wrap with floral tape to secure. Fluff fringed ends to form a blossom.

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