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Bridal Market Party: Vegan Treats

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After tasting Vegan Divas' treats you would be COMPLETELY shocked to discover how good they are for you (vegan, high fiber, low-cal, organic, kosher...). For example, the gluten-free mousse is only 42 calories per container. Come on!

It is important to consider guest's dietary needs when planning your wedding, so if your crowd is health-conscious and especially if they are vegan or gluten-free, considering serving something yummy to fit their needs.  Vegan Divas is a great choice and our guests were wowed by their good-for-you desserts.

Photos by Anna Ross and CAVA Wedding for Elan Artists.

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Vanilla Mousse

1 Vanilla Mousse



3 Macaroons


Coconut Donuts

5 Coconut Donuts



Addictive little cookies

8 Addictive little cookies

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