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Summer Camp as Destination Wedding

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Brides are always looking for a meaningful location for their weddings. What's could be more personal than their old summer camp? One of my personal favorite weddings was when I hosted my friend’s bachelorette party at our summer camp in Maine. She had no idea where we were going. I think she was thinking (hoping, maybe) we were headed to a spa, but instead we drove up to Maine (with our favorite camp snacks, including Pop-Tarts) where we  swam in the lake, slept in our old bunk, and spent real quality time together.

This weekend I was interviewed by Marianne Rohrlich who wrote about the trend of weddings at summer camp for The New York Times. I thought I'd share two camp weddings we have featured in Martha Stewart Weddings magazine. See below and be sure to check out my conversation with Marianne here.

Tereasa & David, Elkhorn, Wisconsin:

Tereasa & David had a bonfire at their wedding at Camp Wandawega

Susan & Peter, Hunt, Texas:

Susan on the porch of the cabin she stayed in as a camp counselor

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  • Very cool idea! This picture of the bride is so beautiful and full of meaning - I wonder what she was thinking as she examined the lanscape on her wedding day, so many years after the time she stayed there as a counselor.

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