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Fun to Say, Fun to Eat: Fatty Sundays

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A parade of delectable treats is constantly marching through our office. (If a girl's not careful around here, she might fall out of acquaintance with her natural waist.) The latest treats we tried are by Fatty Sundays (great name, right?). They sound simple: pretzel rods dipped in various chocolates, toppings, etc.  But the flavor combos make them extraordinary: berry granola, banana cream, PB&J, mocha 'spresso, toffee crunch, and on and on. They come in single-serve packets of 5 and offer bulk ordering options, which makes them a great wedding favor option. And to go back to my point about putting on the pounds, I like to think of them as "sundae pretzels"—all of the toppings without the ice cream.

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