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Wedding Photo Fun House

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This photo wall backdrop by Leaf Tree Creations is a little less "booth" and a little more fun house—making it that much more unique. Yes, I'll admit that the first thing it made me think of was the framed portraits that come to life in Harry Potter. But once I got over the wizard-ness, I loved the idea. What do you think?

Photos by Nicole Chan

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  • I love it! Much more creative do-it-yourself than renting a photo book. I'm not seeing the Harry Potter. Instead, I see a nice sentiment to family with framing their parents and grandparent's wedding photos; a wonderfully refreshing personal touch! Bravo!

  • I agree Lee - with everything you said! This is such a unique & adorable photo booth! I have never seen such a clever & imaginative photo booth ever - & I have attended a LOT of weddings. And I especially like the framed wedding photos of the parents & grandparents too. It really shows the love & respect that the bride & groom have for their family. It's the bomb - all the way around! :)

  • How fantastic is that!! So clever. I agree with Lee, this is much more creative and more fun than a plain old tiny rented photo booth. Look at how many more friends can get in on the craziness and fun all at one time. The effects of being able to hang outside the frame give it such an artsy look. What a great idea.

    Elizabeth, I like how you call it "Wedding Photo Fun House". That fits perfectly.

  • What a great idea!!

  • The booth was used at my son's wedding and it was wonderful. Guests of all ages found themselves returning several times to strike different poses and put together different groups. Photos printed out on the spot, so we could all admire each other's creativity. The best part was that the bride and groom had a file of all the photos afterwards, so we could get copies made in any size.

  • I love this idea. You can tell everyone actually wanted to take pictures and it was fun. I wonder if the framed pictures are of family members. I'd include people who couldnt attend the wedding or family that had passed. A great way to honor the memory of a family member. I could see this sized down for kids parties or even Prom. Possibilities are endless. Where do people come up with these great ideas? Love it!!!

  • I love the 3-D effect of the bride and groom popping out of the frames to kiss one another! How cute!
    What entertainment value this adds to any party- It's just pure genius- Takes the whole concept and brings it to a whole new level!

    I have to have this for my daughter's next birthday!!

  • This has to be one of the most creative and fun things I've seen for a wedding! And I love the way the framed photos add tradition and love of family into the concept. The couple kissing is really cute, as well as the sillines of the disguises! Thanks for sharing this great idea!!

  • What a creative idea! Crafty yet elegant. I love this. Thanks for sharing!

  • Awesome idea! I would love to have this at my wedding!

  • What a great twist on the teensy tiny photo booths that can fit just a few people! This version inspires much more creativity & can include so many more people. GREAT IDEA!

  • Love this. Well crafted, fun booth that is personal to bride and groom by combining personal photos in te gallery Adds another fun, group filled activity at a wedding and bride and groom have great photo memories to remember all the guests and how much fun their wedding was. Great idea to "borrow"!

  • Absolutely FABULOUS!! I am so impressed..Really nice idea..

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