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The Soap You'll Want in Every Bathroom

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Lafco New York is coming out with delicious-smelling shea butter bath soaps modeled on their delightful Home & House Candles—each one is named (and scented) after a different room. Best of all, you can use them on your body and face. Yes, you read right: your face!

Made with a 100 percent vegetable base, almond, coconut, and olive oil, these hefty, moisturizing bars are made to last. I wanted my yummy Chamomile Lavender bar to never end. They'll be available September 1st, so pick up one big bar ($17) or a box of three ($34) for your welcome bags or venue's bathrooms. Your guests will love them!

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  • Sarah
    What can I use to repackage the 3 soaps that are purchase in a box? I want to put one in each out of town gift bag. Your suggestion is greatly appreciated. Please please reply to me. I love your articles.

  • Author Comment:

    Hi Ernestine,
    Great idea! Really, your options are endless. Try slipping them into (inexpensive!) muslin bags stenciled or rubber stamped with your initials or wedding date. Or, pop them into small boxes, kraft paper bags, or wrap them up with decorative tissue paper and twine. Consider for materials and look to for tons of packaging ideas. Totally DIY-easy. :)
    Thanks for your question!

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