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Planning Your Own Wedding

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Bride-to-be Katie Evans talks about how she's staying organized while planning her own wedding. Take notes!

Right after John proposed I jumped on the planning wagon. A wedding planner was not in the cards for us but I loved the idea of planning this thing myself. To organize everything that was coming up, I bought a binder and this wedding planning guidebook. The printable guide came with tips, calendars, to-do lists, and information on everything from etiquette to flowers. I created title pages for each category with colors that I thought might be our wedding colors and applied the provided tabs. After everything was three-hole punched and put in a cover sheet, it became very heavy. I found myself not wanting to lug it around to my meetings and it just sat on my shelf.

My fiance, John, is a big fan of anything relating to Google, so after I expressed my frustrations with trying to find an easy way to store all this information, he suggested I check out Google drive. It’s basically a digital spreadsheet like Excel, but I can access it from any device, wherever I am. I can also share the spreadsheet with John so he can access the most up-to-date information when he needs to get on there. I put our caterer and our DJ on it too. When I update the music file’s “do not play list” the DJ can see it immediately without me having to send a file.

I can create new tabs within our wedding spreadsheet and color code everything my heart desires. It has been a great tool in keeping track of our guests' addresses and R.S.V.P.s. I highly recommend it!

I've also been carrying an Archie Grand notebook with me just in case I need to write something down. It's the perfect size to tote around. I love having everything digital, but it's also nice to keep my notes all in one place. On my recent trip home, I wrote out our daily schedule with all the appointments we had and my mom had a list of her own. Another place I've been finding and storing my inspiration is Pinterest. Usually my favorites make their way into a folder on my laptop and then to the iPad for my vendor meetings. My bridesmaids are also on there with their own boards for the wedding. It's been really nice to be able to share ideas with them there.

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  • Great start to your wedding planning! It's so essential to keep a detailed notebook with all your wedding information in one spot. You can use it during all the planning and even bring it with you on your wedding day (and loan it to friends afterwards!)

  • Great ideas. Being organised for your wedding can make such a huge difference. I used the Knot website - it has heaps of tools, like wedding guest list, save the date cards, wedding website and check-list - and best of all (like with your Google drive) I could access it anywhere. Thanks for the good read.

  • I hope you must provide me these kinds of wedding planning tips again here. Because i like all the ideas and now it is easy for me to plan my brother wedding guest list, date cards, wedding website and check-list etc. I could access it anywhere. Thanks for the good read.

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