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These Charming Gladioli

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Who loves gladioli more than Morrissey? I do. Morrissey fans throw the flowers on stage and the singer carries them around in his back pocket (above). Whose heart wouldn't skip a beat for that?

These inexpensive blooms get a bad rap, but not from me! I love a huge spray of these bright luscious flowers. You need at least 30 stems to make an impact in a vase, but the result is glamorous in a 1940s way. I also like to pluck off the individual blossoms and wire them into a bouquet or string them into a garland or lei (below). They are a truly versatile and hearty bloom with a delicate, sophisticated look—and they hold up for more than a day out of water.

Get the gladiolus lei how-to.

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  • I love Gladioli too. Our Australian national treasure Dame Edna Everage was their ambassador, but she's now retired.

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