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Telling Your Guests How to Dress: What's Appropriate?

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A group of guests in white for a real wedding via Nico Events

Lots of factors come into play when dressing for a wedding: Is it outdoors or indoors, day or night, laid-back or extravagant? Now add dress codes to the mix. I'm not talking black-tie or California casual, but rather the newest trend: color!

It started on the celebrity scene -- Kim Kardashian made her wedding guests wear all white, while Beyonce requested her loved ones arrive in black and white. Now couples around the country seem to be following (colored) suit, and I'm torn where the etiquette line is drawn on this one.

Yes, a perfectly color-coordinated group of guests will make for fab photos, but more likely than not, you'll be sending your guests on a wild-and-costly-goose chase for an outfit. What do you think: How much is too much to ask of wedding guests when it comes to attire?

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  • Tough call~ I would personally not have felt comfortable telling my guests what colors to wear, but if I received an invite with a themed dress code I think it would be fun!

  • I don't think you should ask wedding guests to dress a certain way - only the classic designation of Black Tie, etc should be used!

  • I think asking guests to buy a gift, often book a room and sometimes travel to a destination wedding, is plenty to ask of guests without giving them the impossible task of finding a wedding appropriate outfit in a specific colour. Imagine a large group of girlfriends trying to avoid buying the same outfit as well, not fun!!!

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