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Sage Advice from a Summer Bride: Gracia

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Did you pour over Gracia and Dan's chic Miami wedding in our summer issue yet? They created all of the ideas that made their wedding personal, and below you can get three pointers from the insanely creative duo.

1. Create guidelines. Sticking to style rules we set before planning allowed us to easily know if an event element was a must, a maybe, or a ditch-it. For instance, we knew we wanted DJ Lindsay so it was in the budget and was not up for negotiation. This kept us on track—and prevented arguments. Not just from a style perspective but it governed our decisions. It made us ask all of the questions up front and made us decide what was most important.

2. Take care of your bridal party by ensuring they like what they are wearing. You don't have to govern by committee but think to yourself, would I want to wear that? It is your day, but make sure they look good and feel good too. They will pay it forward a million times over. We went to great lengths to get them the perfect outfits and the pictures really show how stylish they feel. I asked my girls to pick out black cocktail dresses in different styles. I just specified that they needed to be at the knee or above, and the more texture the better. We were surprised that the dresses ranged in price from $45-$300 and I bet you wouldn't be able to tell which was which.

3. When you order invites, order thank-you notes as well. They'll be the same theme as your suite and they are a nice touch. Write thank-you notes right after the shower (I used off-the-shelf note cards from Paper Source for this) and then write wedding ones (with your custom cards) right away as gifts are coming in. That makes it less painful. Even if guests don't give you a gift, send a thank you for sharing that special day with you.

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