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How Will You Reboot Post-Wedding?

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After months of planning, plotting, and primping for your wedding day, we're predicting you're going to look something like this after it's all said and done:

While we hope you at least make it to the ceremony (unlike the teensy flower girl above), we know how exhausting wedding planning can be. We've come up with lots of clever ways to keep you calm during the storm, but something tells us you'll be good on your own when it comes to finding ways to relax after your big day.

Once your "I dos" become "I dids," how are you going to recharge your battery?

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  • Several useful suggestions on how to maintain a physicial and emotional balance during the wedding planning process. After all, planning a wedding is no easy task. Indeed, just about every week we receive calls from struggling brides, one or two of whom are close to calling the whole thing off simply because they cannot cope with the stress. Its very sad to see.

    And there is now even an actual medical term for the low point that affects some couples following the wedding day: Postnuptial depression. How depressing is that!

  • Can anyone help me with how to deal with this? My mother lost my sister's wedding dress; she left it at the cleaner's too long, so they sold it. My sister's been married for 6 years and found out yesterday the truth about her dress being gone. All the while our mother made up these stories about the dress having to be re-cleaned and sent away for preservation not sure when she'd get it back. My sister is so sad about this - not so much about her dress but our mother's lying about it for 6 years. I'm trying to think of some way to lift her spirits. Does anyone have any ideas? Thanks for your help.

  • My fiance and I plan to travel via limo after the wedding to a local beachside spa/resort, located about 10 miles from the wedding venue. We will spend our wedding night there and regroup before heading off on a relaxed honeymoon up the California coast.
    After that, I will continue with pampering myself (periodic massage, facials, walks on the beach) as I did to prep for the wedding, to keep my spirits up post-nuptual! And just enjoy being married.

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