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Cold Cream Nouveau

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I recently stumbled across Mrs. White's Cold Cream on my favorite new beauty shopping website (and Brooklyn storefront), Shen Beauty, and just had to try it. Upon cracking opening its lid, I was shocked. What I thought would be a snowy, dense balm (circa the Noxema I remember from my tween days), was a runny syrup along the lines of a thinned-out Vaseline. Hesitantly, I slathered it on my face. The brief ingredient list of natural moisturizers (sweet almond, jojoba, and olive oil as well as rose absolute, an anti-inflammatory) sounded awesome, but due to its slick texture, I was a little freaked about breakouts.

Cue the next morning: I awoke blemish-free and glowing like a light bulb (seriously). Everything just sunk in overnight! I've been using it for weeks and can't sing its praises enough. Perhaps it's not the best option for a greasy gal, for a dry one like me, it's the perfect match.

Oh, and it also makes a great gentle makeup remover.

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