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Bermuda Moongates

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Last week while I was in Bermuda, I noticed white, round arches scattered around the beautiful island. I found out that they are called "moongates,"and it is a tradition for couples to walk through them, share a kiss, and make a wish for a long, prosperous life together. They have become a national symbol of Bermuda and you are bound to see a few if you visit. You may even catch a couple exchanging wedding vows by one—a popular trend! Would you stick with the tradition and share a kiss with your honey under the Bermudian arches? (I'm not gonna lie: I made my, somewhat skeptical, boyfriend walk through them with me.)

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  • If you feel lucky, kiss one another under these cool arches, may you have a long and happy life together!

  • I'm interested in having my destination wedding here and just had a few questions. I'm coming in a cruise ship and didn't know what was required in having a possible ceremony and reception on the beach. Is there a fee, how would I get food there and set up, ect.?

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